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11 September - 2011

Elfte september.

Mitt bidrag till de senaste tio årens War on Terror står Robin Williams för, från en intervju med Paul Provenza:

Robin: you just can't get better audiences than our troops overseas They're glad as hell to see you, beacause, wellyou know They're like: "We have to, but you" They appreciate that you come there, but also that while you're there, you'll try to learn some of the discrepancies in what we're told – that everything is going well The troops want the real truth to be told

Paul: How does political material work woth the troops in the midst of it all

Robin: Back when the Hummers still hadn't been sufficiently armored yet, I said they should strap Dick Cheney to the front of a Humvee like the character "Lord Humungus" in the Road Warrios Strap him rght to the front: "Now they're sufficiently armored!"Teh troops were pretty into that kind of thing When Rumsfeld commented publicly on the troops not having the equipment and armor they really needed, he said, "You fight a war with what you've got" I said, "Yeah, but eleventh-century Norman Armor" They loved that stuff Ripping on Bush with them was an easy shot, too – beacause they fucking knew how insane Bush was

Paul: In the comedy clubs, if you criticized the war or said maybe it was a bad idea – even now people go, "No! We gotta support the troops!" But when there's military in the crowd, they always take my side of the argument

Robin: Big time Especially if they've been over there The troops realize more than anyone the insanity of what the fuck they'vebeen put into You talk to those guys, they'll tell you that questioning the government is not being unpatriotic, it's the ultimate patriotism! If patriotism means "Don't question authority", we'd still be English: "Oh dear yes, things ar egoing quite well, I think, really Tea" Plus a lot of the troops are way beyond their tours of duty They're stretched way beyond noraml capabilities – and people are actually still floating the idea of going to Iran The army and marines already lowered their standards to take people with ciminal records If we need even more troops, they'll have to lower their standards to where they'll have a "Very Special Forces": "Da Ahmy said dey have pudding every day! I in da Ahmy cause I love Pudding in da Ahmy!"



Intervjun är från den fantastiska boken Satiristas!, av Paul Provenza och Dan Dion



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