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16 November - 2012

Nio män som inte tycker att våldtäkt, som varje år leder till 25 000 graviditeter i USA, är skäl nog för abort.

En fråga som vi tar som så självklar, rätten till abort, är en fråga som inte på något sätt är självklar i demokratier som USA eller Irland I Irland dog en nyligen kvinna efter att ha nekats abort trots att hon höll på att få ett missfall Och hade USA fått en republikansk president är chanserna ganska stora att vi hade sett Supreme Court luta åt att upphäva Roe vs Wade:

"A right to privacy under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman's decision to have an abortion, but that right must be balanced against the state's two legitimate interests in regulating abortions: protecting prenatal life and protecting women's health"

Dvs en federal lag som inte är fullständig i sitt skydd för rätten till abort, utan som lägger den slutgiltiga lagstiftningen, undantagen, på delstatsnivå Jag tror det är svårt för oss att greppa exakt hur abortmotståndet, eller snarare inställningen till abort, ser ut bland politiker i USA, så jag tar hjälp av Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, från 8 november där hon låter citera nio stycken framstående republikaner som har kandiderat till kongressen 2012 (med ett undantag) Varsågoda!

Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that God intended to happen - Richard Mourdock, lost senate seat in Indiana

There is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother: the same thing - Joe Walsh, republican country singer

On the 'rape thing' I say: how does putting more violence on to a womans body, and taking the life of an innocent child thats a consequence of that crime, how does that make it better (Reporter) Yes, but she has to live with the consequences of that crime I know, crime has consequences - John Koster, lost his congressional candidacy in Washington state

If it's a legitimate rape, then the female body has ways to try to shut htat whole thing down- Todd Akin, lost House seat in Missouris

(Reporter) What about exeptions for rape  “There are very few pregnancies as a result of rape, fortunately, and incest, compared to the usual abortion, what is the percentage of abortions for rape It is tiny It is a tiny, tiny percentage In terms of the percentage of pregnancies, percentage of abortions for rape as compared to overall abortions, it’s a tiny, tiny percentage" (There are between 20 000-25 000 pregnancies due to rape every year in the US) -  Roscoe Bartlett, lost Hose seat in Maryland

(Reporter) Why would you force a woman who has been raped to have that baby You know, like I say Jim, I mean my position is pro-life an you know I care about the unborn and I feel, you know, that's really where we should be in our policy (Reproter) What would the appropriate sentence be Should we put her in jail, should we fine her, I mean do you have any thoughts on that You know, those are the things that needs to be worked out through the legislative process - Rick Berg, lost senate seat in North Dakota

(Reporter) Do you believe that a woman should be forced by the government to give birth to a rapists baby against her will I've always in my career and to this day been loyal to the principal of life, I'm pro-life I'm profoundly pro-life, I'm pro-life to my core - John McGovern, lost senate seat in Vermont

(Reporter) Should it be legal for a woman to be able to get an abortion if she's raped So I am very proud of my pro-life record and I've always adopted the idea, the position that the method of conception doesn't change the definition of life - Paul Ryan, lost Vice President

(Reporter) How do you encounter a daughter or a granddaughter who'd been a victim of a rape I live something similair to that with my own family And she choose life And i commend her for it, she knew my views and lucky for me she chose the way I (Reporter) similair how A baby outside the wedlock (Reporter) Is that similair to rape No no no, but picture yourself ni a fathers position, I mean it is similair! - Tom Smith, lost senate seat in Pennsylvania

- A sampling from the republicans creepy rape-and abortions comments cacaus



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